Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun Monday

The wonderful Church Lady is the hostess this week for our Fun Monday. Her assignment:  Since here in the states we are observing Memorial Day, the assignment is to post a photo of something patriotic or post a photo honoring a veteran. WOOO HOOO!!

From our founding Fathers to the present, men and women have died fighting for the rights we all take for granted. My Grandfathers and a Step Great Grandfather served our country. My dad was in the Navy, did two tours in Vietnam. My husband was in the Army and was in the Dessert Storm.  I grew up to have respect for our service men and women. Unfortunately not all Americans do show the proper respect.  I don't associate with those kind of  "Americans", because in my book, well, they are not true Americans. Flag burning and spouting off stupid stuff just because you can...oh what ever. LOL

Like all our holidays that are important, have become commercialized. Most people grill out side and drink themselves silly. Not really honoring what Memorial Day is about.  I am not saying everyone is like this. Just seems to me, a lot of people look for an excuse to party and not take into account what something really means. 

I am so happy Church Lady has made this Fun Monday about Memorial Day or something Patriotic.  To show the proper respect and honor for this special day.  

I am off my soap box now. :) 

All gave some, but some gave ALL! 

Just Sayin'


  1. So LOVE your entry! I agree and I don't have to American...we all can relate to this in our own ways.

  2. From the other side of the pond (smile). Thanks for giving me an insight into Memorial Day. What a contrast in the ways it is observed!

  3. From one Proud American to Another...Kudos to you for this post...I completely agree. Thanks Deb and Happy memorial Day to you n yours!

  4. That photo of the wheel-chair vet standing made me cry.

  5. I could not have said this any better, Debs! The cartoons and illustrations are great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and happy Memorial Day!

  6. A precious few made the ultimate sacrifice so all of us could enjoy living in a democracy. We must remember and honor them.

  7. Happy Memorial Day, Debs, and thanks for reminding us that this day is to honor the fallen heroes. May God bless their families.


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